Listen: Lens Flare by Micah

After releasing his debut three-track EP Soon, I Promise earlier this year, Puducherry hip-hop and R&B artist Micah is now out with his follow-up, the four-song offering Lens Flare.

Released via Bengaluru-based independent label and media company RECK, Lens Flare maintains the musician’s storyline from Soon, I Promise which explored themes such as hope, longing, regret and acknowledgement. While also bringing this chapter of his artistry to a close with the new record, Micah dives into self-acceptance as well as recovery and says in a statement, “This EP takes apart what I’ve been thinking of during the last few months and what I desire.”

Lens Flare opens with the bass-heavy and hooky ‘MATTE GLOSS,’ and the track features a production touch by Rae Stones. The acoustic guitar-led pop-sounding ‘White Mist (Part I)’ is heard next before we’re thrown into the immersive ‘White Mist (Part II),’ that features a more emotional driven sonic experience as compared to the previous track. The EP closes with the jazzy, R&B laced offering ‘EMBASSY,’ with production credits going to Amrith Raghunathan aka Doc Awes.

Throughout the EP, we’re treated to Micah’s topnotch delivery, melodic transitions, quickfire and clever lyricism, as well as an indulgent production. The record’s bombastic beats and groovy sections add a certain depth to the music while the juxtaposition of genres showcases Micah’s versatility as an artist.

With two fantastic EPs out this year, as well as a remix record sandwiched in between, 2020 has been quite a fruitful year for Micah. The artist will now switch his attention to collaborations with artists such as T.ill APES, Tylin Sterling, Manïn, Adi. and long-time partner in crime Rae Stones. There is a certain charm, with organic smoothness to Micah’s art that we hope he continues to retain on future releases as he grows and explores various sounds and styles of music. 

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