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LISTEN | Aditi Rameshs dazzling new single ‘You’re Not So Wise Now’

Budding lawyer turned musician, Aditi Ramesh comes out with a new glamorous single ‘You’re Not So Wise Now’. This is Aditi’s first release since her EP, Autocorrect, early this year.

The single has almost a Bossa-esque vibe working for it. Ramesh’s roots in Carnatic music and her knack for blending it with blues and jazz shines brightly in this glossy new track. With a flair for the thematic, her dapper vocals complement the suave bass drums. In spite of a slightly weary start, the track gathers energy, exploding at about the two-minute mark. Drama unfolds, as she performs with a characteristic ferocity.

The track was mixed by Keenan Thomas of Aditi’s debut EP and recorded by Shane Michael Crasto. ‘You’re Not So Wise Now’ is also out on Jwala’s Volume 8 compilation Now, an album power packed with independent women producers.

Ramesh’s powerful, yet restrained personality creeps under your skin, rewarding multiple plays.