Artwork by Farah Ahmad

Listen: Desire by Chirag Todi ft Pushkar Srivatsal & Tanya Nambiar

A founding member of Heat Sink, Chirag Todi harbours a diverse range of influences, from jazz to progressive rock. As a composer and guitarist, the cues lifted from his idols like John Mayer added to Heat Sink’s unique and forward-thinking approach to musicianship. He has now come through with his debut solo outing in ‘Desire’.

Chirag brings in songwriter Pushkar Srivatsal of Second Sight fame and vocalist Tanya Nambiar into the fold. Produced by Divyang Arora, the song is refreshingly fun, upbeat and playful. The funky guitars have a bouncy quality to them and act as a powerful propellant for the song. Apart from the Blues and Funk influence, Chirag tastefully incorporates elements of jazz in the form of a delightful sax solo in the tail end of the track.

Pushkar Srivatsal and Chirag Todi both get songwriting credits on the track. The lyrics seem to be a celebration of the importance of passion and gusto in life; outlining how one can’t help but be a slave to one’s own burning desire.

With tasteful production and passionate songwriting, Chirag has come out with all guns blazing on a refreshingly cheerful and upbeat track. His knack for collaboration pays off in spades in how he builds on the talents of his collaborators. Taking this approach on a debut single is definitely bold and speaks volumes about where Chirag’s musical priorities lie.

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