Listen: Bayaan by SidB

Singer-songwriter Siddhartha Bhargava, who goes by the moniker, SidB, makes his landing on the independent music scene with ‘Bayaan’. Produced by New Delhi-based musician Dhruv Visvanath, this acoustic pop track uses familiar arrangements and sentiments to express words of love and longing, left unsaid.

A Hindi word, ‘Bayaan’, literally translates to “narration” or “declaration”, and that’s exactly what this track is. Of the inspiration for this song, SidB vulnerably confesses, “Bayaan is a personal heartbreak: I had feelings for a friend, but I could never express the words because she always belonged to someone else. I penned down these feelings I could have conveyed to her, in a song.”

Extending this kind of retrospective and reflective thought into most of his work is what he aspires to do. SidB characterises his music making as a being “inspired by life’s lessons”.

The track is brimming with light rock elements on the electric guitar, and a steady arrangement on the drums. SidB’s pleasant vocals on top instantly transforms it into a crowd pleaser.

The writing on ‘Bayaan’, though vulnerable and unabashed, presents itself as a supporting act in this song, with SidB’s voice taking centre stage. All in all, this track colours within the lines. It’s reliable and for that reason, the perfect companion to a broken and frustrated heart.

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