LISTEN | Silhouettes, Paraphoniks most tenacious album yet

Shatrunjai Dewan and Sid Shirodkar, also known as Mumbai-based electronica outfit Paraphoniks, have always dappled with synthesizers, both analogue and digital. Whether it was with their more accessible debut Hardwired, or their follow up EP YARNS, or now with their latest full-length album Silhouettes, the duo has always wielded a lot of musical scope within the Indian space for synth-heavy electro.

Undergirded by a maximal footing in synth and keys, the album advances a varied array of influences. Although some tracks like ‘Moon Magic’ mark transitions that are too fast to fully mature and sit with the listener, tracks like ‘Silhouettes’ and ‘Frisson II’ exhibit the duo’s refined production chops. Standing at 7-tracks with a runtime of 28 minutes, Silhouettes marks Paraphoniks’ most tenacious project yet. 

Paraphoniks will be on tour with Napolean Gold later in the month. The duo will be joined by Sahil Shah and Azamaan Hoyvoy, both who feature on the new album. Listen to Silhouettes below.