May Island

LISTEN | Ripped Apart by May Island

Delhi’s prog-metal/post-rock outfit May Island is back with its explosive new single, ‘Ripped Apart’.

The self-produced track starts off with a synth-pop aesthetic which glacially picks up the pace. The structure of the song isn’t something wholly fresh and echoes the tidal wave of post-rock outfits that dominated the charts in the early 2000s.

However, the dense and intense instrumentation makes for an exciting headbanger. Frontman Vishnu Kumar’s vocals drip with emotion and angst as they surf over waves of bendy and atmospheric layers of guitars and drums. The track features dark, electronic undertones which simmer on top of the fiery grooves and hard hitting drums.

Apart from the obvious technical virtuosity of all band members and the meticulous production, the track doesn’t offer much in the realm of novelty and innovation. Nevertheless, the goosebumps-inducing guitar solo at the end excuses these shortcomings and ‘Ripped Apart’ is able to administer a mild to severe neck sprain to any unsuspecting listener.