Music agency Gatecrash announces its first tours for 2020

Gatecrash, a Mumbai-based music agency has just announced its first two tours for 2020. The first one features electric jazz quartet SHIJIN with some stellar musicians from France, USA & Belgium. This will be followed by Guillaume Barraud Quartet, an Indo-Jazz quartet from France.


Shijin is an oriental symbol representing the guardians of the four cardinal points. Each guardian is also related to an animal, a season, a colour, an element, a virtue. This quartet is the meeting point and the alliance of four powerful musical entities, each bringing their experience, style and culture of origin.

Artist Lineup:

  • Laurent David (Bass)
  • Franck Vaillant (Drums)
  • Jozef Dumoulin (Keyboard)
  • Stéphane Guillaume (Sax)

Tour Dates:

Jan 09 | True School of Music – Mumbai

Jan 10 | The Piano Man Jazz Club – Delhi

Jan 11 | The Piano Man – Gurgaon

Jan 12 | Soho House – Mumbai

Jan 13 | Music Mulakatein – Mumbai

Jan 14 | The Little Door, Andheri – Mumbai



About Guillaume Barraud Quartet:

After many years studying with the legendary Indian flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia, Guillaume Barraud explores the sound of the bansuri (Indian flute) with his contemporary jazz quartet with some of Paris’s finest musicians. Guillaume Barraud Quartet’s music refracts the spirit of India through the prism of jazz, setting the pure tones of the bansuri flute against hard-edged electric guitar and moody, grooving bass and drums.


  • Guillaume Barraud (Bansuri Flutes)
  • Tam De Villiers (Electric Guitar)
  • Johann Berby (Bass Guitar)
  • Xavier Rogé (Drums)


Tour Dates:

12th Jan | Hriday Drishyam Festival – Bhopal

14th Jan | The Blue Bop Cafe – Mumbai

15th Jan | Music Mulakatein – Mumbai

16th Jan | Shisha Cafe – Pune

17th Jan | The Piano Man Jazz Club- Delhi

18th Jan | The Piano Man – Gurgaon


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