Listen: VA 22-2, A collaborative compilation by 22 Indian music producers

VA 22-2, a compilation of 22 tracks by 22 producers and beat-makers from all over India was released on April 22.

The full compilation is available on the 22-2 Bandcamp page as a pay-what-you-want download and all the revenue generated from the sales over two weeks from the release will be donated to the Delhi-based non-governmental organization – Goonj.

The project started brewing on March 22 and features names such as Echofloat, Hashbass, BigFat, Lacuna, Nate08, Yung.Raj and Potter. The compilation exhibits each producer’s personality carved from the same palette of electronic sounds.

Tired of creating alone, and in want of a fresher, more collaborative creative process, Ketan Bahirat aka Oceantied put forth an idea for a beat challenge over Instagram asking producers to join in. The participating producers were asked to submit one audio sample each, and then to create a track in two days by using all the samples. “I invited a few people onto an Instagram group to challenge them and asked if they’d like to invite more people to the challenge. We ended up having 22 producers & the whole project just organically became what it is today,” says Ketan.

They hope to work with more producers in the future for such collaborations.