Listen: Winds and the Murky Seas by Vernon Noronha

Singer-songwriter, Vernon Noronha, makes a return to the music scene after five years. He marks his return with the three-track EP, Winds and the Murky Seas – his first release since his 2016 debut EP, Closer to Home. While the Mumbai-based artist thrives in the surf/ indie genres, the sound that he is most closely associated with, this EP is characterised by pure folk and indie elements. 

Ripe with carefully crafted plucking on the guitar and the croons of Noronha’s lilting voice, the EP gets you swaying on first listen. The themes and resultant lyricism make Winds and the Murky Seas such a wondrous listen. Each track on the album (‘Peak of Sunshine’, ‘Empty Teacups’, and ‘Who Am I Writing These Songs For’) explores the challenges, conflicts and dialogues many working professionals in the arts faced during trying times. 

A detailed explanation of the theme of this EP on the artist’s YouTube page reads, “Winds and the Murky Seas speaks to artists in every field by empathizing with what they bump into and experience, while they swim through the uncertain winds and survive the murky phases.” Noronha further writes, “The wind symbolizes the uncertain change or sudden storm that one encounters; the aftermath being the grey, gloomy and murky overcast one has to trudge through. This short collection of songs throws light on the vulnerable and uncertain nature of thriving and treading in the industry.”

Writing from experience on this EP, Vernon Noronha’s Winds and the Murky Seas, captures the anxiety artists have had to face in this unprecedented time and gives space to a dialogue that begs to be heard.

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