Aaditya Goswami - Voyager
Artwork by Sharanya Bagchi

Listen: Voyager by Aaditya Goswami

Guitar solos have long been replaced with the lo-fi bedroom chill-pop which rewards intimate listening on headphones and exists in a binary world – either amped up or zoned out. The new single from Delhi born guitarist and producer Aaditya Goswami, ‘Voyager’, is a call back to the performance-centric ethos of classic rock.

Aaditya brings his vast array of influences to the table, ranging from the quiet subtlety of blues and jazz to hard-hitting prog-metal riffs. Abhishek Raj Sinha’s manic drumming and shifting time signatures keep you on your toes and Urvi Bhattacharya’s faint but essential backing vocals add an ethereal quality to the track.

Mixed by Aaditya himself and mastered by Keshav Dhar, the song is designed to trace the life span of the Voyager Space Probe: the first part representing the excitement of discovery and the second part lamenting the inevitable loss of communication with Earth and eternal isolation. This two-part structure of the track is reflected in the continually shifting tone of the song. He starts off with a very melodic bluesy solo, using a lot of tasteful harmonies. It quickly amps up into some math rock finger tapping goodness. We then get a whole bunch of little vignettes throughout the six and a half minute runtime.

At this stage in his career, Aaditya has seen fit to break free from the “I-IV-vi-V” pandemic that 2020 is clearly reeling from. ‘Voyager’, like its space-faring cousin, is a sigh of optimism for rock music and a wonderful kick-off to what promises to be an exciting career for Aaditya.

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