Listen: Toska by Goya

‘Toska’ is the contemplative and stirring offering by composer and producer Abhishek Sekhri aka Goya.

“I wanted to take all of what I was feeling––the utter loneliness, yearning for travel and interaction with other human souls––and channel it into something meaningful. This is how the song was born,” he writes.

‘Toska’ is the Russian word that roughly translates to a “dull ache of the soul, a kind of longing with nothing to long for”. The melancholic feeling and ethos of the song is amplified by the song’s music video, edited and directed by Sekhri. The video features shots from the hills, night sky, roads interspersed with those of the artist in the studio.

Sekhri is the founder of the New Delhi-based Kintsugi Studios.