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Listen: Soon, I Promise EP by Micah

Bengaluru-based based hip-hop and RnB artist, Micah Bedford released his debut EP titled, Soon, I Promise on March 26. Perfectly marrying Micah’s bluesy vocals with dreamy acoustic riffs paired with lo-fi beats, the EP covers themes of hope, love and resolution in its three tracks.

The EP had been in the works since 2018 and Micah wrote the songs over the course of 8 months. Since then, the songs did go through arrangement changes and fine-tuning.

Soon, I Promise opens with the optimistic track ‘Tomorrow’. Micah layers melodies and harmonies and talks about looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. ‘Postcard’ meditates on the theme of a decaying relationship. Micah wraps up the EP with the track ‘Tiger Woods’, which revolves around infidelity and guilt associated with it.

“The album does speak of a healing process, I never wanted the focal point of the EP to revolve around subjects of life or mental health struggles, rather I wanted it to explain the progression, which is why the first words on the EP are on the lines of hope,” says Micah.

Apart from holding intimate listening sessions building up to the release of his EP, Micah has already performed at various venues across Puducherry. He has played a few LVNG gigs in Bengaluru as well. This year, Micah also performed at the Under25 Summit for a crowd of over 500 attendees.

In the current economic and social climate due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Micah says he has found more time to create and record new music. “Something about being out here being away from everything really helps. My mind sort of clears up when I’m here. I’ve written a couple of songs here that will be out on my next project,” he says. Talking about his future projects, Micah promises new collaborative projects and more releases lined up for the year.