LISTEN | Raghav Meattles debut album Song from a Matchbox

Raghav Meattle’s name has been on the rise since his participation Season 2 of The Stage. His first album, a crowdfunded one titled Songs from a Matchbox came out earlier this month.

Comprising eight songs, arguably the best thing about the album is how easy it is to consume, with most of the album broadly falling in the pop-rock genre. The second best thing about the album is how many themes it deals with — from love to the hardships of an urban life. In fact, the ‘matchbox’ in the title of the album is a reference to the tiny house in Bombay that the singer wrote the songs in.

Raghav’s songwriting prowess can be seen in ‘Two Left Feet’ which boasts strong and inspired lyrics, along with a melody and arrangement that is very refreshing. Its up-tempo with a pop-rock, almost folkish sound.  Delving into pragmatic dreaming in ‘Better than it all’, he delivers relatable lines in ‘The future has never looked so bright, opinions on the left and my right / Waking up a tad bit late, but I’m not living a lie’. Fans of Peter Cat Recording Co. will like what they hear in the fast-paced, and hard-hitting acoustic of ‘Please Come Back to Me’.

There is a nice flow to Songs from a Matchbox where Raghav Meattle shows he has a lot to offer.