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LISTEN | Parallel Highway’s new chill wave EP Those Who Wander

Kerala based duo Parallel Highway release their debut EP ‘Those Who Wander’ under the Brighton based label, SmallPrint Recordings. Arjun Venugopal, who also makes music as Ōri and Amal Ramesh who works under the moniker Liquid Memoirs, creates a minimal, ambient EP lush with modern sounds.

The EP begins on the track “Distant Noises” and truly unravels towards the middle especially on tracks like “Premonition” and “Reality Check”. The duo is precise with their production throughout the record using intricate samples and atmospheric synth sounds. Fresh from the releases of their solo EPs ‘Whisper’ from Ōri and ‘Soul Search’ from Liquid Memoirs, the duo seems to have found enhanced strength in their latest collaboration.