meri nimmo cover
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LISTEN | Meri Nimmo soundtrack by Krsna Solo and Mangesh Dhakde

Meri Nimmo is about an 8-year-old ‘man’ and his first love and heartbreak. In what sounds like an endearing premise, the short and very sweet soundtrack will definitely manage to enhance the emotions of the film.

Composer Krsna Solo weaves a waltz-y soundscape in ‘Bulbula’ and ‘Ye Bhi Beet Jayega’. Paroma Dasgupta and Sukriti Kakkar lend their voices to the two tracks respectively and render the song with the delicateness required of it. Krsna beautifully uses strings in ‘Bulbula’ and sets ‘Yeh Bhi Beet Jayega’ to the piano.

‘Tumse Hi’ is composed by Mangesh Dhakde and immediately sounds more conventionally Bollywood than the other two, which has to do equally with the melody and the use of the sarangi. Javed Ali, who has been missed, gets behind the mic for this one. His trademark voice sounds somewhat bolder here, and is reminiscent of Sonu Nigam.

Lyricist Raj Shekhar deserves a special mention for his penmanship. His lyrics have tenderness, heart and innocence.

Meri Nimmo is sweet, an adjective not used in laziness but because ‘sweet’ perfectly describes the emotions captured by the composers, lyricist, singers and musicians involved. It leaves you wanting more.