Listen: Memories Found by Pune-based Siddhant Kalmegh

It’s time to take a step back from the complex emotions that we deal with on a day to day basis when we run into an acquaintance in the hallway. In the wild barrage of information, responsibilities and confusion that plagues every waking moment of our lives, it is easy to ignore the simpler and subtle aspects. Armed with a guitar, a beautiful set of lyrics and a voice to rule them all, Pune based singer-songwriter Siddhant Kalmegh’s debut Memories is here to charm and enchant us back to the simpler times.

Under the thin veneer of simple and soulful songwriting on the EP lies an enormous amount of raw talent. Siddhant’s command over nuances of various instruments, mixing and production and vocals comes through in a tight, cohesive and rich 20 minutes. The multi genre tracks blend acoustic, folk, pop and pop rock into a seamless bunch of saccharine and sugary melodies. His raw, unfiltered and intimate lyrics focus on love, relationships, nostalgia and memories with a particular significant other from his past. The instrumentation on each of the tracks is catchy, playful and feature a diverse set of instruments. This is evident on the closer, ” Intezaar karti Hogi ” with its driving horns and plucky guitars and the opener, ” Dil kyu yeh dar raha hai ” with its subtle harmonica and bright, colourful keys.

However, the ethos of simplicity and minimalism runs through the veins of every track in the EP. “Subha Subha” features cure tropical guitar lines and a catchy hook without a lot of bells and whistles. Siddhant also shows an incredible knack for playing with genres and blurring the boundaries between them by seamlessly switching from folk music to bluesy pop-rock guitar solos like in the track “kaha ho tum”. Nearly every track finishes off with an energetic guitar solo at the end and is done in a way that makes perfect sense within the context of the EP. Siddhant also pays great attention to detail to transitions between tracks and the base instrumental palette.

Siddhant Kalmegh is a singer-songwriter who’s sweet and pain stricken voice and raw, intimate and personal lyrics remain his toolkit in all his songs. The EP sees him playing to his strengths, which lead to a batch of five extremely enjoyable honest, sweet, self aware and intimate tracks.

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