LISTEN | Liquid Memoirs & Aqrasils laid back EP Antidepressant

After releasing a percussion-heavy dance EP, Daydream back in 2017, Liquid Memoirs has collaborated with multiple electronic artists, producers and instrumentalists in order to treat us to a plethora of various styles and aesthetics.

With the latest EP, Antidepressant, Liquid Memoirs has managed to pull off another stunning collaboration with up and coming Soundcloud artist, Aqrasil. The EP witnesses their foray into a more ambient and atmospheric sound. This four track EP features incredibly layered tracks which deftly combine moody acoustic keys with trance inspired synth passages. The production is rich and textured, incorporating various sound effects like raindrops and rivers, which expand the scope and universe of the synthscape. We can also pick up wisps of house, techno and disco music with the knee jerk transitions into pulsating instrumental passages and punchy beats like in the track ‘Something About You’

The EP, with its many sonic motifs and bold yet laid-back experimentation, is a soothing yet engaging listen which cements Liquid Memoirs’ position as a fresh and innovative voice in the world of indie electronic and dance music.