Listen: King by JVish ft. Dhruv Visvanath

Mumbai/New Delhi-based hip-hop artist JVish aka Jay Visvanath has released an easygoing follow-up to his first single ‘King’.

JVish emerged from the ether in November 2020 with the single ‘King’, a track produced in part by his brother and singer-songwriter Dhruv Visvanath. Dhruv takes a more frontline approach in ‘Lie Awake’, adding his signature percussive guitar arrangements and vocals alongside JVish’s rap verses. 

Unlike ‘King’, where Dhruv took a more peripheral role, ‘Lie Awake’ is a more involved collaboration from root to tip, an effective blend of rap and folk. Lyrically, the tune espouses the inner turmoil of a creative person, applicable across disciplines. It is an adage to doing things when you feel like while daydreaming of better days.

A pleasant track with a melancholic twist, the song feels like a tribute to the age-old human pastime of passing time; procrastination is one of our society’s strong points, after all.