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LISTEN | Karan Kanchan and Kalmis stunning trap track Torii

Mumbai-based Karan Kanchan and Visakhapatnam-based Kalmireddy Nikhil have teamed up again on ‘Torii’, a track that stands out for a number of reasons.

‘Torii’, a Japanese word for a “a gate in front of a shrine” has a unique cinematic flavour. The song begins like a film score with the beats kicking in eventually and transcending it to another genre. Perhaps the most brilliant thing about ‘Torii’ is that the listener manages to create a visual for herself without the explicit help of a music video.

The use of Japanese instruments, specifically the shamisen sounds brilliant alongside the traditional percussions, bass, synth and brings out the influence even without the listener knowing the artists are influenced by Japanese sounds in their music, and Karan Kanchan’s J-Trap sound has already carved a niche audience.

The artists are clear in what they’re trying to achieve, and do so with finesse.