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LISTEN | ‘Kaahe Re’ by Delhi-based Hindi rock band Antariksh

Delhi-based band Antariksh has accumulated a substantial following with its brand of Hindi-rock music. Lead vocalist Varun Rajput has produced the band’s latest single, ‘Kaahe Re’ in association with Mrrcury Studios and Anhad Music.

The song takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery through rhythmic syncopation and melodic prowess. The anthemic riffs and licks in this very worthy single are made better with Rajput’s compelling voice. The subtle switch between the percussive hit and the soulful string section often in between makes ‘Kaahe Re’ rhythmically euphoric, leaving the listener with a sense of grandiosity.

With a lot of substance, Antariksh might have set a higher benchmark in the Indian rock music with this power packed single.