For: Covid-19 Relief, aaj kal

Listen: For: Covid-19 Relief in India by aaj kal

Amidst the whataboutism on social media regarding the pandemic, South Asian music collective aaj kal has released an 11-track collection of songs titled For: Covid-19 Relief in India.

As part of Bandcamp Friday, any purchases made on Fridays will completely go to the artists, with Bandcamp waiving off their share of sales on their website. The collective has agreed to pass on the proceeds to the grassroots NGO Muskaan which works with communities that are at risk in India. The focus is to aid their efforts to combat the coronavirus crisis to urban Adivasi and Denotified Tribes groups in Madhya Pradesh.

Compiled by London-based freelance music journalist Dhruva Balram, the album has songs from indie artists like Disco Puppet, Oceantied, and The Ess. The collection ranges between electronic and hip-hop.

“The long-term aim of aaj kal is twofold: to support vulnerable communities in India who do not receive adequate support from their government, and to amplify the talent of South Asian musicians who deserve wider global recognition in the music industry,” said Balram.

Although the tracks do not have a theme through their runtime, BC Azad and National Animal speak about getting a fresh start and having an optimistic outlook for tomorrow on ‘Aayega Kal’, while Big Baby Gandhi’s ’72 Virgins’ talks about embracing your present self, despite having experienced a rough childhood.

“We are working on forging relationships between South Asian artists and aid workers on the ground to break down barriers,” Balram added.