LISTEN | Droolfoxs dreamy single Descent

Bengaluru-based electronica/synthwave duo Droolfox is back with another enchanting single ‘Descent’. Guitarist Joel Sakkari and vocalist Jitesh Jadwani deliver another slick finger snapper of an electronic odyssey after ‘Paint a Picture’ (that came out earlier this year).

The duo manages to pack an ocean of ideas into just over three and a half minutes. The track is influenced by 80s synth pop and funk, with a few jazzy blemishes all over. The vocals are classy and reserved, yet passionate about feeling dejected and finding the strength to go on with the minutiae of everyday life. The track conjures up images of two men wearing shiny helmets, dressed in tuxedo fully blowing the black-and-white jazz club away. It also features slick electric guitars and groovy bass-percussion arrangements.