Listen: Blind Blind Blind by Neon Crayon

The Pune-based quintet cherry-picks the best parts of ‘90s alt-rock and ‘00s power-pop to create an ode to those all too familiar butterflies in your tummy. With their debut EP in 2018, Neon Crayon came off the blocks very rough around the edges – the four tracks were lo-fi in production, barebones in structure, indicative of college kids trying to bundle together a demo-tape. ‘In Search of Colour’ pointed towards a sound in heavy psychedelia and garage rock, throwing in the odd horn section and stadium friendly chorus.
‘Blind Blind Blind’ marks a lateral shift for the group. The sound is more polished, the band trading ‘70s guitar riffs for angular lines a la Pavement. The vocals while reminiscent of pop-punk from the early ‘00s, push more towards a sound that has since been co-opted by artists like Car Seat Headrest.
Lyrically, the song is pointed towards a potential muse who crowds our protagonist’s thoughts constantly. All it takes for this to turn into obsession is her apparent fondness for the band’s music, and haven’t we all been there? When there are promises of cooking her breakfasts, especially Spanish omelettes, how can one resist?

With isolation and separation on everyone’s minds at the moment, a sweet ditty about companionship and yearning almost seems like a cruel joke set to music. Who could predict we’d end up where we are, barely a month later?