Listen: Ambient producer Eashwar Subramanians The Seeker

Bengaluru’s Eashwar Subramanian has come out with ‘The Seeker’, a four-minute penance in wispy ambient melodies. Released this week with Nrtya, this is Eashwar’s first single since his EP Polar Drift that came out in early May this year. Eashwar has spent weeks experimenting with his eastern tones in his music. The new track is nothing short of the immersive soundscapes Eashwar is known for creating. The purity of it wraps around you like a blanket, a sonic envelope inspired by the guttural chants of Tibetian monks.

The heart of the track was built using the guzheng, a Chinese instrument, and is bolstered in place by piano layers and modified glockenspiel sounds. The guttural sounds are sampled and layered upon the aforementioned.  “I used the wafting Tibetian humming as a base over which layers of counterpoint melodies were created. The toughest part was designing a sound that brings out a contemporary track, one that serves a good purpose as an ambient and meditative piece at the same time,” says Eashwar.