Bombay Soul - Enkore
Image: Ronit Sarkar

Enkore pens a heartfelt letter to announce his next album

Mumbai-based rapper Ankur Johar, better known by his moniker Enkore, has penned a heartfelt open letter as he gets ready for the release of upcoming album Bombay Soul.
The sincere letter serves as an introduction to him as an artist, and give context to where the upcoming album is coming from. Enkore talks about mental health, the moment where he realised he had nothing to be happy about, some privilege, and mostly about doing what he loves. Read the entire text below:

Man. Life really is strange. Let me introduce myself before we go further though – I’m Ankur/enkore, I’m a rapper and my new album, Bombay Soul, comes out on the 3rd of December. I decided sorta randomly a few days ago, while streaming the Mac Miller tribute, that I wanted to write this letter to the world and introduce the album myself. It means a lot to me and I just want to share some of this excitement with yall.

I knew I wanted to write something but I’m gonna keep it a buck – I had some 3 or 4 false starts until I realised this today. I’m typing this on Diwali, I can hear the patakas right now and they’re giving my already restless brain even more fuel for the chaos lol.

But today I realised is the anniversary of a Diwali party my Mom hosted at home last year, the house was packed and all of us at home try to make sure we contribute or atleast don’t hurt the vibe, regardless of who our visitors and guests are. It was a cool evening for the most part except that I had a proper breakdown, waterworks and all, in my tiny balcony while everyone was in such great spirits inside. I had been working on some stuff for the day job I had back then, and shout out to ATKT, i love what we did and it would be so much harder if it was some other fuckall corporate, but I was swamped with work. I guess it all just caught up to me in that moment of loud celebration that I had nothing to even be happy about, let alone take a break and celebrate because of. Looking back, I know I definitely had my privileges of staying at home, having a stable job because of my education, etc. but I just wasn’t getting any time or peace of mind at all to work on what I felt was of utmost importance – the music, and what I now present to yall as Bombay Soul.

I had either reached a point or finally woken up belatedly to it, where the only thing fuelling me was the goal of making the best music I could. That’s all I fucking wanted for myself man. And a year ago in my balcony, that path looked hard as a muthafucka, but as a result of that breakdown, aside from getting a little more curious about my mental health, I realised that I didn’t know how it was going to work out, but I had to make this music. I only had theories of where it came from but I was sure about where it had to go. I would never be able to sleep easy if I didn’t put the hours in and get my hands dirty, regardless of the outcome. Aur outcome jab aayega, jo aayega, dekha jayega. I believe that outcomes only last momentarily, and soon enough they too just turn back into work. The hustle is the only constant it feels like.

So here I am, hustling, bustin my ass off to create not just one that i wanted to, but the album that i just had to, too. I’ve put a lot into this album, talkin bout things like childhood, being grown, having mad questions, and the path of us finding some purpose and the answers in the midst of all this. Sez has blessed the album with some of my favourite Sez beats ever, and I got to work with some of my favourite artists from The Bay on this as well. I truly believe we’ve created something special, and yeah I’m probably biased lol, but I think n hope yall will feel the music too.

Whoever’s made it till here, thank you for your time, and I swear I’m not always this self-indulgent, but I want to do everything I can for Bombay Soul and writing something to yall to introduce it just felt right.

Additionally, if you wanna make sure to check the album, I’d be glad to email/WhatsApp you a link on the 3rd of December if you choose to drop me your deets on this google form.

Alternatively, you could follow me at @thisisenkore on Instagram to get album updates regularly.

Thank you once again for hearing me out, and I hope yall give Bombay Soul a listen too.

Bombay Soul comes out on December 3.