Currents: Sanjeev T, Laxmi Bomb, Alisha Batth and more

This week’s currents features songs by Sanjeev T, Mar Jamir, Laxmi Bomb and more

Sanjeev T – Not a Love Song 

Music producer and composer Sanjeev T is set to release his next album titled Future which will be his interpretation of the “intense period in our lives”. Following in the footsteps of most independent musicians this year, he is going to be releasing this album one song at a time over the course of teh year. The first song from the album ‘Not A Love Song’ was released on 26th June. The track features spoken word artist Native Indian and talks of the uncertainty of what the future will bring. This is the first time the artist has delved into the lo-fi soundscape which is going to be predominant throughout the album.

Mar Jamir – Dear Me 

Nagaland-based and erstwhile vocalist of Polar Lights Mar Jamir is back on the block with his new single ‘Dear Me’. Having collaborated with Orissa based Rapper Big Deal, this is his first a solo artist. ‘Dear Me’ is arguably one of the best representation of how the social, political and economical events of this year have impacted people across the world. 

Laxmi Bomb – Para Desi 

Mumbai-based electronic outfit has released a new EP titled Lockdown Mohan. They found their muse in Mr. Mohan, an auto driver in their neighbourhood who has been helping those in need during the coronavirus pandemic. During the lockdown, he helped to transport essentials across Mumbai and became the protagonist of the EP. Our pick from the EP, which consists of 4 original songs and a cover of Pentagram’s ‘Lovedrug Climbdown’ (available only on their YouTube page as of now), is ‘Para Desi’ featuring Sonia Hyam who has also worked with the band on their previous releases. 

The Dirt Machine – Get Off 

Gaurav Chintamani’s new outing as The Dirt Machine is a self-professed “oblique, tangential take on blues music” and one finds it hard-pressed to disagree. Part of the 4-track EP, ‘Get Off’ is made of an audio sample of various video calling apps moving into a wah-fueled skronk. While probably more progressive fusion than a blues record, it’s a refreshing take on a genre that often gets a raw deal. For fans of his previous work, Chintamani’s debut EP has the artist diving deeper into work he has been recognised for. 

Alisha Batth – Blue River 

Alisha Batth, who shot into the limelight in a feature with Coke Studio in the early 2010s, dropped her single titled ‘Blue River’ in June, which is the first of many she has lined up for the next couple of months. The track is composed by Alisha herself and features Zain Calcuttawala on the production and mixing duties. On this song, Alisha explores the themes of desires, nature, love and our battles with fears in a 90s alternative, indie-rock inspired soundscape.

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