Currents: Ramya Pothuri, Kavya Trehan, Festacorn and more

This week’s Currents is bit of hard-hitting rock, a tinge of groovy disco and some vulnerability infused electronica.

Ramya Pothuri, Dropped Out – ihatehwhenihurtyou 

Ramya does a great job of picking the most interesting and diverse artists to work and collaborate with, making every offering from her an intriguing one. On ‘Ihatewhenihurtyou’ she brings on beatmaker Dropped Out. The introspective song is like a chaotic, internal monologue. 

Kavya – Quin 

Conceptualised around “the importance of self-love and nurturing oneself”, Kavya Trehan’s latest single ‘Quin’ is achingly vulnerable. Having collaborated with Tarun Balani on Seasonal Affected Beats’ ‘Let The Light In’, KAVYA’s third single sounds almost like an extension to the EP, which by no means is a criticism. It’s just equally tense, equally arresting. 

Punch.m – Discotown 

22-year-old Neerad Sumeet aka punch.m released his 3-track EP Discotown recently. No prizes for guessing the vibe of the music here. At just about 9 minutes, the EP makes for a pretty fun listen since it sets out to be a “time capsule that takes you back to the days of bell-bottoms, afros, and discotheque – to the much simpler times of the 80’s”

Arseniic – Maraud

The debut track by Guwahati metal band serves as a testament to the fact that the North-East is quickly emerging as the rock bastion of the nation. This 5-minute growl and heavy distortion fest packs enough energy to blow the roofs off of any stage.

Festacorn – Raspberry Punch

This 5-piece progressive metal band from Mumbai deceptively cram heavy metal riffs in a track which begins like a coy electronic/chill number. The transition from 0-100 is smooth but at the same time, unexpected.

You can find all the tracks on A Humming Heart’s Apple Music and Spotify profiles.

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