British singer-songwriter Ben Howard has released a new song and has announced a new album titled Noonday Dream. ‘A Boat To An Island On The Wall’, which will serve as the upcoming album’s first single, is also the first major release by the ‘Old Pine’ singer-songwriter in just over four years.

Releasing a seven-minute single may seem outlandish for many modern artists, but Ben Howard is no stranger to lengthy songs.

‘A Boat To An Island On The Wall’ is a reverb-laden track, with an overall haunting feel to the song. The lyrics read almost like a spoken word piece at times (The smoking cigarette said it’s late//You should be going). Howard seems to experiment with a fair bit of synth and a meandering presence of a violin, leaving his staple acoustic guitar in the background for the majority of the track.

There is a considerable shift in the production of his tracks since his previous album I Forget Where We Were, and is evident in the track. Howard has self-produced the 50-minute album himself.

He’ll be launching the album with headline shows this summer in London, Edinburgh, Manchester and The Eden Sessions in Cornwall.

In his four-year hiatus from the studio, Ben Howard played guitar for his band’s other venture, A Blaze of Feather, which is led by the Mickey Smith. Smith returns the favour when Howard is touring, and is featured on Noonday Dream as well.

The Ben Howard faithful have waited a long while for him to release any material, and they finally had their prayers answered. The notoriously quiet singer-songwriter has a small but dedicated following on Reddit, where the fans have often come up with predictions and theories as to when he would release new music. Having already deduced that the album cover signifies a clock striking noon, they’ve had it for a long time coming.