Craigslist ad for musicians and more with Wedding’s Thomas Craig

Wedding is a Manchester based band formed by Thomas Craig and Zachary Taube. Their self-titled EP was released in October 2015. Four blissed-out melodies, recorded through a tape machine during the pair’s time in Germany, giving definition to the Wedding experience – an effortless and honest engagement with nostalgia and summer.

We got a chance to speak with Thomas about Berlin, the journey so far and what to expect in the near future.

Read on if you too have been captivated by ‘that floatin’ sound’.

It’s been a more than a year since your debut single ‘Ruth’ was released.
How does it feel?
It feels great to know those songs from the EP are out there. But it’s also tough because it’s been a long time since, we have music ready to go but the music industry is weird.


Your story as a band began with Craigslist in Berlin. Tell us a little bit about it.

I moved to Berlin in September 2015, Zachary moved there a little bit afterwards. I wrote a bunch of songs there pretty much as soon as I arrived, I felt a sudden release of excitement and clarity that I didn’t have in London (“for once in a while, I didn’t know what it was”). I wanted a partner to work with and found Zachary through posting an ad on Berlin Craigslist.


Is there a story behind choosing the name Wedding?

I worked a job in the Berlin neighbourhood called Wedding. It was weird, I found it on Craigslist too – helping this old English dude sort out thousands of records he’d bought wholesale on eBay to sell back on there. I was sat in his freezing cold, dusty basement sifting through records. Eventually, I realised the guy was a bit insane and I didn’t get paid. Wedding was a cool name that slotted nicely into the way the band started, though the area holds no significance.


How would you describe Berlin from the perspective of contemporary artists such as yourselves, having lived previously in London and New York?

I don’t really know, I was only there for 7 months before I ran out of money. I did a very bad job of being a Berliner. The city though is a lovely place for disenfranchised Brits to rediscover what possibility exists outside of the London bubble. It has a slow pace of life and endless opportunities to float around having fun. I’ve never lived in New York but I’m sure Zachary would have a lot to say on that.


Talking about Berlin, was it a conscious decision to invoke the presence of the city in the videos for ‘Ruth and ‘Kaleidoscope View‘?

It was for ‘Kaleidoscope View’, the video for ‘Ruth’ was shot in Manchester just after I moved there. For ‘Kaleidoscope’ I really wanted to return and be able to depict the hazy, beautiful nightlife that made me feel so lost but happy. I left in such a weird hurry as my financial situation and relationship deteriorated that it was cool to go back and film with Nehemias Colindres (the director), with whom I spent a lot of those aimless nights drinking and whatever.


In an interview last year, you talked about living in Canada or America someday to be in a place more suited to your musical disposition.
How has your return to Manchester been? Do you feel differently about music in the UK now than a year ago?

I’m very happy in Manchester. I have a very nice life – I can work only a little and spend the rest of my time on Wedding. Musically, I feel like we’re basically ignored here – I think most people in the Manchester music scene don’t know we exist but I’m okay with that. It’s helpful that no one cares so that it drives you on to prove yourself. We’ve made a great record here and I’m very grateful to the city.


Over the past year, you’ve incorporated other members and performed in several places.
Anything particularly memorable so far?

Yeah, I essentially had to start from the beginning again when I moved. Wedding is now a proper band, friends come and go playing in the group. Playing back in Berlin in May was the highlight of this band so far. We supported Homeshake and it sold out. Everybody was listening and attentive, which you only get in Europe I think.


You’ve cited classic songwriters like Neil Young, Lou Reed and John Lennon as influences.
Any contemporary favourites at the moment?

I really love the band Part Time from LA, Davida Loca is a genius. I think Whitney have smashed it too.


Both the EP and the videos preserve an intimate sense of nostalgia that has since been associated with Wedding.
Will your next piece of work be similar?

Yeah, I’m still looking backwards most of the time. I think you’d be pretty stretched to find inspiration in the future at the moment. I’m still picking apart my past, it’s nice.


Has a release date for the album been finalised?

We’ll be releasing something in March.

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