Best New Music: Week 7

We’re halfway into February. Keep reading for the latest round-up of the best new releases from around the country that are worthy of your attention.

Melissa Srivastava, Osho Jain – Uljhe Hue

‘Uljhe Hue’ is the newest outing by 20-year-old content Melissa Srivastava. Composed and co-produced by singer-songwriter Osho Jain, it is the title track for the Amazon
Mini TV short film of the same name. Though it clocks in at just under two minutes, the runtime is more than enough for the two to weave magic. The sweeping ballad is as heartbreaking as it is transportive—featuring heart-tugging strings, swelling washes of synth, and twinkling piano.

Pragya Sodhani – Raatein Soyi Hain

‘Raatein Soyi Hain’ marks the sophomore release of singer-songwriter Pragya Sodhani. An ode to lovers separated by geography, the song is a tribute to the commitment and love that can weather the test of borders, time zones, and long nights. The gentle acoustics and Pragya’s honeyed falsetto notes are perfect to play on virtual dates. Don’t forget to check out the music video too, which features a whimsical mix of live action and animated visuals.

Kanishk Seth – Saacha Sahib (feat. Kavita Seth and Javed Bashir)

Teaming up with classical music heavyweights Kavita Seth and Javed Bashir on ‘Saacha Sahib’, Kanishk Seth gives listeners a taste of his forthcoming debut EP Surmayi. With a foot-tapping blend of Indian instruments like the duitara and tabla with glitchy, d&b beats, Kanishk turns the Saacha Sahib shabad by Kabir on its head. The accompanying animated music video is equally transcendental, chronicling a protagonist charting his own path to enlightenment.

Perp, Vavae – Do Me A Favor

If you’re desiring a slow jam you can groove to, put this track on. The electronic R&B track exploring female desire is slinky, sensual, and memorable. Urmila Sivadas aka Perp’s lower vocal register and bars dovetail right into Vavae’s slick dance beats. It’s a fitting track for your Valentine’s Day rotation, whether you have company or not.

Bombay The Artist – YAAD (feat. A$AD)

The latest Punjabi-Hindi collaboration by singer-rapper Bombay The Artists and A$AD is a
breezy autotune rap track with catchy hooks that pair excellently with Bombay The Artist’s
sugary vocals. The skitters and bounce of the trap-esque beats gives it a modern edge, even though the message is as universal as they come—struggling to get over the one we love.