Best New Music: Week 43, 44

Week 43 and 44 brought us some fine tunes by Samar Mehdi, Aarya, Lojal, Moeha and many more.

Samar Mehdi – Raushni

Singer-songwriter Samar Mehdi’s latest single ‘Raushni’ is a celebration of light. Carefully penned lyrics look to identify the source(s) of strength and positivity in one’s past and present life. The melody is serious and sombre, creating the perfect ambience for his words to live in.

The song comes with a music video centred around the life of the protagonist as he remembers the people he has loved the most.

Lojal – Distance

The Manipur artist based in Pune is experimental and refuses to get pigeonholed into a single genre. His latest single is a part of the forthcoming compilation by the beverage brand Kati Patang for the launch of their space Trial Room. ‘Distance’ is the evil of the song—it came between the relationship that could have been. Lojal laments how he is just too spent trying to make it work even though there isn’t much left to hold on to, over a simple but beautiful strumming of his guitar.

Moeha, V3K – Couldn’t Be More Wrong

The electronic tune written, composed and performed by Moeha, and produced by V3K, sounds very raw, as if it was an impromptu recording without much polishing afterwards, and that works beautifully for the song. The song explores the vast distances between galaxies, and V3K’s beats add the right amount of fantastical touch to it. All of Moeha’s music is produced by V3K, and it is a match that just fits.

Circle Tone, Adam Bo, Akx, Agaahi Raahi | J Block – Kya

Rappers Agaahi Raahi, Akx, Adam Bo and producer Circle Tone come together for the first of hopefully many collaborations between two promising hip-hop collectives—Wanandaf (Bangalore) and J Block (New Delhi). Recorded in Bangalore (it comes with a music video that was also shot in nooks and alleys of the city), the song highlights the woes of rising prices and the self-awareness of being ‘hypnotised by the algorithms’. The song switches rappers and between Hindi and English for its runtime of 3:40, and includes bars interesting enough that retention of the listener just becomes easy, unlike everything they complain about in ‘Kya’.

Aarya – That Guy

Aarya Gadikari’s music could fit perfectly on a ‘best of 2000s American pop’ compilation. This song has the beats, uncomplicated lyrics and relationship drama that makes it enjoyable like a Backstreet Boys deep cut. Perfect for a sing-along-at-the-top-of-your-lungs kind of evening.

Raag Sethi and Rahul Popawala have aced the production for this track, which is released via ffs.—a sub-label of Times Music focused on Indian independent music.

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