Best New Music: Week 39

Hard-hitting rap, soft acoustic indie and groovy fusion techno remixes make it to this week’s best new music. As has been said before, “a mixed bag is a boring bag”, said no one ever.

Blu Attic, Gatha – Jhanak Jhanak

The 1968 Hindi film classic, ‘Jhanak Jhanak Tori’ from the film Mere Huzoor, performed by beloved musician, Manna Dey, gets a 2022 techno, dance music twist courtesy of “introspective dance music” artist Blu Attic. With vocals by Gatha and an intelligently arranged track, ‘Jhanak Jhanak’ off Blu Attic’s latest EP, Resurface, stands out as a valuable attempt at re-engineering an iconic track. Reimagining old Bollywood music through an alternative/experimental lens isn’t a new attempt by any means. Yet, any successful effort is worth a mention.

Xenon Phoenix – Battle Scars

Siliguri-based rapper, Xenon Phoenix aka Subham Ghosh, drops a track that cannot be ignored. With the single, ‘Battle Scars,’ Ghosh proves his worth in salt, personifying the very reasons he became something of an independent hip-hop phenom in the first place. A signature combination of trap and unabashed songwriting presents itself as an intense, angsty and worthy listen. This isn’t a track that you can enjoy, regardless of where you are and what you’re feeling. But, it is a track that can make you feel all sorts of stuff, no matter what you were feeling in the first place.

Anuv Jain – Mazaak

Singer-songwriter Anuv Jain’s new single, ‘Mazaak,’ is a track that you can enjoy, no matter what frame of mind you’re in. It is the friend who’s always there on a bad day; it’s also the friend that you can share your happiness with; and if you feel like reminiscing on a good day, then it’s the friend that will recount memories with you, too. Jain’s soft vocals, supported by delicate acoustics on the guitar, make for a swoon-worthy listen.

 Akshath – Kya Ho Gaya

Mumbai-based singer, Akshath Acharya, offers a delectable indie pop treat in ‘Kya Ho Gaya’. With his pleasant vocals, saccharine sweet lyrics, and an airy falsetto laden hook, there’s nothing to do but smile and sway to this track. Given how catchy it is, combining modern indie-pop influences with vivid imagery, this one would do well to feature in every Indian OTT playlist there is. 

Shaurya Malhotra, Varun Rajput – Courtyards (feat. Rini Rajput)

If nostalgia is your call for the weekend, consider ‘Courtyards’ by New Delhi-based singer-songwriter, Shaurya Malhotra, accompanied by Varun Rajput and Rini Rajput. The track featuring indie-folk elements, combined with modern pop influences, tells the reflective story of, returning to one’s childhood home. A musical look back at all the things that make one’s childhood, the track is a pleasant manifestation of honest songwriting, and simple yearning. A track absent of frills and fancies.

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