Best New Music: Week 37

This week’s best new music comes from Raman Negi, Firuzeh Mihrshahi, Meghana Mokhasi and Rakuuth

Firuzeh Mihrshahi – Memory

Pune-based singer-songwriter Firuzeh’s melancholic ditty ‘Memory’ takes you on a doleful trip through the musician’s vulnerable emotions. With piano lines backing up the vocals and a programmed string section adding the final finish, the track is a confessional note on the singer’s part, crooning about sadness, loss, and the remembrance of happier times. 

Meghana Mokhasi – I’m a Mess

Meghana Mokhasi’s sterling pop number ‘I’m a Mess’ from her debut EP Living a Daydream reminds you of those songs which flaunt upbeat instrumentals with seemingly dark lyrics. The Bengaluru-based musician is desperate for others to see her for who she really is, while a constant fluttering beat guides her vocals to the climax. A peppy yet introspective track for a light-hearted listen. 

Raman Negi – Gaayab

Raman Negi’s latest indie-rock number ‘Gaayab’ is upbeat in its soundscape, boasting crispy guitar riffs, energetic drumming, and warm bass lines. Advaita bassist Gaurav Chintamani and session drummer Vaibhav Ahuja join Raman with their expertise and out in fine-tuning the track. A music video for the song has also been released, featuring alternating vignettes of the musicians performing in what seems to be a well-embellished mansion and Raman inside a car driving to the seaside. The entire video is colourized in sepia, giving it that nostalgic vibe.

Rakuuth – Akale (feat. Anza Prem)

Bengaluru-based electronic musician Hellkitty’s side-project Rakuuth recently came out with its 6-track EP Sadhya featuring colourful sonic elements hand-picked from south India’s musical repertoire. Its second track, ‘Akale’ featuring Chennai-based artist Anza Prem, opens with a wistful piano melody only to accentuate the melancholy with every oncoming beat. With a combination of Anza’s somber vocals and Rakuuth’s moody electronic elements, the track stands out to be a spicy take on contemporary EDM doing so with utmost poise.

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