Best New Music: Week 36

Tune in to this week’s selection of the best new music if you just can’t figure out what to listen to. The past week in music is a good bag of tunes—from slow, rainy-day jazz to hypnotic electronica; you’re sure to find a cosy corner to dive into. 

Chirag Todi, Gouri and Aksha – Paper Boats

Ahmedabad-based musician and composer Chirag Todi continues to build momentum with his brand-new single, featuring equally credible singer-songwriter duo, Gouri and Aksha. Titled ‘Paper Boats’, the track deviates from the up-tempo, slick jazz arrangements that have been Chirag’s signature. Gentle, heavy on the harmonies and as indulgent as a slice of gooey chocolate cake on a cold day, ‘Paper Boats’ is surprising to say the least. 

Gouri and Aksha’s story-telling chops and angelic vocals do take centre stage. In its midst Chirag creates a space of his own with skilful guitar work, jazz composition and a tropical-jazz plot-twist courtesy of stunning violins, a touch of bass guitar and soothing electric guitar. For fans of both camps, this track is a win. 

Dualist Inquiry – Discovery

Sahej Bakshi, aka, Dualist Inquiry makes a slick, worthy-of-the-name return to the independent music scene with the criminally groovy tropical house single, ‘Discovery’. Peaks, troughs and sustained energy make for the track an engaging listening experience. 

‘Discovery’ marks the beginning of the Daybreak EP era in the music producer’s discography. This single will be joined by 3 other songs. Given that Sahej drew “inspiration from the multitude of emotions I was feeling—wonder, fear, hope, isolation & courage, to name a few,” this EP is sure to be an airy, refreshing and uplifting collection of tracks. Well, at least ‘Discovery’ sure makes it seem so.

Sikander Kahlon – WW3

“Gangsters don’t live that long, World War 3, the good die young,” hums rapper, Sikander Kahlon on his brand-new single, ‘WW3’. Produced by Amritsar-based music producer and rapper Wazir Patar, this one borrows from the best elements of old-school funk rap. While he spits bars about serious issues and poses pretty weighty moral ironies, the listener can’t help but wait for a refrain as catchy as Snoop’s “D-O-double G” to hit the waves. 

Sikander has built a name for himself by being true to his story, and putting his views bluntly as the back of a knife. With ‘WW3’ he continues to write his story armed with groove. 

Hashbass – 16 Bit

Speaking of groovy, Harshit Misra, aka, Hashbass delivers on his brand-new EP Arcade. ’16 Bit’ is the second track on the project. Combining electronica with signature bass guitar work, and robotic vocals, this one makes for a rollercoaster ride of a listen, in every sense of the word. 

While it starts off as a buzzing electronic track, sonics take a sharp turn for the darker, more intense world of trance-like repetition, just as it takes a U-Turn to come back to the start—a quirky, bass-driven landscape. 

AM.E.R – barcelona

2021 wild card, Amer Khosla, aka, AM.E.R surprised listeners with his debut album, Songs (for you) last year. And, now, he’s back with his first single of the year, ‘barcelona’—his darkest, most experimental track yet. Speaking of repetitive patterns, personal struggles, and the common trope of being consumed by darkness, it would seem that Amer has collected some shifting experiences over the past year. 

Vocally, the artist shakes things up with a strange semi-rap, auto-tuned vocal flow over a drum and bass production. The track goes through an interesting set of ups and downs, quite literally. Combining techno with reflective songwriting is a game of roulette, but on ‘barcelona’, AM.E.R has played his cards right.

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