Best New Music: Week 26

The past week in Indian independent music is a picture of ‘a little bit of this and a little bit of that’. Tracks from Chirag Todi, Wick3d, Kukubh, Philtersoup, Kukubh and Dwain Willis make their way to the scene. Check it out. 

Chirag Todi – Love Nobody (feat. Ramya Pothuri and RANJ)

Ahmedabad-based songwriter, composer and guitarist, Chirag Todi’s latest track is the groovy ‘Love Nobody’, featuring indie stars Ramya Pothuri and RANJ. The track is backed by all the signatures that have come to make a Todi track—a funk hook, slick bass, an earworm riff and clean guitar work.

‘Love Nobody’ is a pretty-close-to-perfect act of balance, as it incorporates newer elements of music, too. Elegant strings, a break for a rap verse (supported by classic hip-hop beats), and interesting production choices make for a refreshing sound. This one will be hard to take off repeat. 

Kukubh and Mayank Sharma – Pac-Man

Speaking of refreshing, New Delhi-based singer-songwriter, producer, composer and musician, Kukubh joined hands with Mayank Sharma to put out ‘Pac-Man’—a grungy, power-packed track “inspired by the gameplay of Pac-Man.”

A funky Pac-Man sounding sonic motif, combined with fast-paced rock guitar riffs and subtle growl-like vocals, personifies the commentary of the track. “The collection of golden dots means nothing in the end. The game is so much fun. But doing the same thing in real life? Not so much,” ruminates Kukubh about the track on social media.

Philtersoup and SAT – Split the Difference 

Producers and musicians, Sanjay Das aka Philtersoup and Satyajit Chatterji aka SAT, put out a three-track EP, Emersion, this past week. The second track, ‘Split the Difference’, stands out. Amber Run-esque in sound, the track combines ambient sounds with saturated vocals to paint a dreamy soundscape. The EP takes the best of both world—the artists’ capabilities—and brings an immersive listening experience. 

Dwain Willis and Mayur Koli – Moans

22-year olds, Dwain Willis (producer, singer-songwriter) and Mayur Koli (music producer, and guitarist) released ‘Moans’, a 2000s inspired hip-hop/R&B track that isn’t trying to be anything but a good ol’ bedroom track. The charm of a love story in rap meets slick and sultry grooves, supported by sweet vocals. But make no mistake—they’re talking about the birds and the bees. “We go on and on and on and on” and that cheeky cover art is proof enough, isn’t it?

‘Moans’ strikes the same nerve of nostalgia that tracks like ‘Replay’ (Iyaz) and ‘Down’ (Jay Sean) do; a job well done.

Wick3d – 12 Voices 

New Delhi-based artist, Wick3d, released the album, FREE WICK3D. ’12 Voices’ is a track that sets the tone perfectly, also bringing a new facet of the artist to the fore. Autotune, mellow beats and delayed vocals characterise this track. The whole project sees the musician breaking away and trying something new, an effort that is always appreciated.

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