Best New Music: Week 25

The best new independent music from around India, updated weekly.

Murder in Space – Change

Shillong-based indie-rock duo Murder in Space’s Midwest emo influences are prominent in their latest single ‘Change’. Kicking off with a feel-good guitar riff, the instrumental track keeps adding more layers as it progresses, bringing in the drums and bass to create a sound that instantly brightens your mood. In hindsight, the song leaves space for creative expression as the repetitive guitar lines can end up sounding boring. This only points to the enormous amount of potential that the band holds, and they can turn out to be one of the finest acts to come out of the country in this genre.

Jeevana & Essjay – Raw

‘Raw’ is the fourth track of pop artist and producer Jeevana’s latest EP daydreams, made in collaboration with singer-songwriter Essjay. The slow, schmaltzy number is evidence of the musicians’ songwriting and production abilities. Using electric guitars with a delay-drenched tone and trumpets, ‘Raw’ takes you on a trip through its relaxed and dreamy soundscape with every note and beat. Essjay’s silky vocals complement the overall vibe of the song.

Sidharth Bendi – June

The Hyderabad-based singer-songwriter hasn’t had the time to catch a breath lately. Releasing two back-to-back singles over the course of two months, he has been busy showing the world what he is all about. In May, ‘It’s Over’ which crooned about the pains of heartbreak, against a pop and acoustic blended backdrop. In ‘June’, he does away with the upbeat textures of the former, going for a deeper sentimental mood while keeping the central narrative intact. It stands out composition-wise wherein a dynamic range of instruments including the acoustic guitar, violins, drums, and the singer’s dulcet vocals paint a picture of melancholy and nostalgia.

Sanskar Vaidya – The Meadow

In stark contrast to his previous single ‘Savera’, which focused solely on a rock-oriented soundscape, singer-songwriter Sanskar Vaidya has opted for an acoustic-influenced palette in his new single ‘The Meadow’. The track uses the piano and acoustic guitar as two of its main instruments. The warm basslines and electric guitar highlight the track’s canvas, while also adding a subtle tint of that rock-ish colour. Vaidya craftily incorporates a strong buildup and brings his song to an equally vibrant climax, all the while serenading a lost love. 

Archit Anand – Dreaming

Pianist Archit Anand’s latest single ‘Dreaming’ featuring extended and intricate piano phrases is reminiscent of flowing water. Through his song, the artist has painted his version of what dreams mean to him, possessing “the power to teleport you to the past, future or a world of make-believe.” His track evokes subliminal emotions, almost like the ones that can only be felt while dreaming. It shifts between steady chordal progressions and fast-paced lines, all the while juggling bubbly and darker tonal colours.

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