Best New Music: Week 23

This week’s best new music comes from musicians who are becoming a regular on this list, as well as fresh debutants.

Raajmusic – Of The Artist, For The Artist, By An Artist

Hailing from Jamshedpur, Ritik Raaj who goes by Raajmusic has just put out his debut album The Prologue. ‘Of The Artist, For The Artist, By An Artist’ is a resounding track about the creative fire and aspirations, and is rather fitting from an artist who dreams of making Jamshedpur the next big thing in Indian hip-hop.

Markus, Aman Sagar – HELP

Music producer Aman Sagar pairs up with Filipino-British singer-songwriter Markus on the cool and crisp R&B track ‘Help’. The interesting cross-border collaboration talks about “the journey of accepting the fact that it’s okay to have a little help every now and then”.

Tsumyoki, Karan Kanchan – idk

Like Aman Sagar, Goan rapper Nathan Mendes aka Tsumyoki also finds himself on this list again in a quick span of time. With Karan Kanchan on production duties, the duo bring fun reggae vibes to the mix and will get your foot tapping and head bobbing.

Kiyan – Dancing On My Grave (feat. Tienas)

Kolkata-based rapper and music producer Kiyan joins hands with Mumbai-based hip-hop mainstay Tienas to make a big splash in the Indian independent hip-hop circuit.
Kiyan paints a breezy soundscape with no-nonsense elements and keeps the rappers’ vocals in the limelight. The words offer a glimpse into the journey Kiyan is undertaking in the hip-hop circuit—with sharp focus and a DGAF attitude.

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