Best New Music: Week 22

The month of May comes to an end with a collection of genre-spanning, diverse independent music tracks. From hardcore rap to soft acoustic indie tunes; from Seedhe Maut x Sez on the Beat to Moosa Saleem and Jeremiah de Rozario, this week brought something for everyone.

Seedhe Maut, Sez on the Beat – Toh Kya

New Delhi-based rap duo, Seedhe Maut, comprising Calm and Encore ABJ reunite with long-time collaborator and hip-hop producer, Sez on the Beat, on their brand-new album, Nayaab. The project clocks in 17 worthy tracks, but the one that makes it to the highlight of the week? ‘Toh Kya’—a quintessential, hard-hitting trap-hop track, which is also the only single from the album. With a steady hook courtesy Sez’s prowess with beats and a fine complementary flow from the duo, the track speaks of individuality, celebrating skill and originality, dissing ‘flex culture’.

The track is a perfect invitation to the new album—reminiscent enough of their previous work, but leaves you wanting more.

Moosa Saleem, Jeremiah De Rozario – Confide

Kashmir-bred and Mumbai-based singer-songwriter, composer and producer, Moosa Saleem joins hands with Kerala indie up and comer, Jeremiah de Rozario, on a mellow, indie-acoustic track, ‘Confide’. Vulnerable and melancholic from the get go, this one makes for an interesting take on a love song.

Moosa has been releasing a string of tracks lately which highlight his versatility as a musician. Jeremiah’s angelic voice is supported by a steady acoustic guitar riff, lifted by airy harmonies and perfected with deliberate and evocative songwriting.

“Could be a million different people in a day, but with you, I know I’ll always feel the same. And, it’s nothing more than you just being you, and I feel like myself when you say my name,” is a standout line.

While the track plays with certain indie tropes, it does enough to stay original too.

Sai Vsr – Dear Madeline,

Hyderabad-based singer-songwriter, Sai Vsr, arrives on the scene with a heart-wrenching track called ‘Dear Madeline,’. Mixed, mastered and produced by Sidharth Bendi, the track spotlights Vsr’s honey-smooth vocals. The track further features instrumentals from Sudan (guitar) and Kenneth Harisson (drums). Songwriting, theme, tone and mood considered, ‘Dear Madeline,’ registers as a quintessential indie track, sonically.

Karan Kanchan, Rahul Rajkhowa – easier to be alone

Music producing powerhouse Karan Kanchan and expereineced musician Rahul Rajkhowa bring the pop action on their new track, ‘easier to be alone’. The moody song combines a slick bassline, a quirky beat section and simple songwriting, making it a sure shot earworm for listeners. While the track doesn’t stray too far away from Rahul’s style of music, Karan notches a new high in his production belt, offering slower pace, mellow, almost R&B arrangements, diversifying his discography. 

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