best new music 20

Best New Music: Week 20

Tarang Joseph – Superhuman feat. Mary Ann Alexander, RANJ

Pianist and vocalist Tarang Joseph’s latest track ‘Superhuman’ is everything a summer jam needs to be: fun, groovy and unmistakably infectious. Produced by Bengaluru-based Doc.Awes aka Amrith Raghunathan (from hip-hop/neo-soul act T.ill APES), it also features the extremely talented duo of RANJ (Ranjani Ramadoss) and Mary Ann Alexander.

Vishnu Das – Ooru

The sombre Tamil track pays “homage to every farmer out there who treated their land with every passion and effort”. The song is accompanied (and elevated) by a stunning but heartbreaking eight-minute music video, directed by Richy KS. A commentary on land grabbing, and capitalism, it deals with the journey of the son who comes back to see his village to see his farmer father, who has been staunchly saving his land from the greed of industrialists. On learning that he has passed away, he decides to leave his white-collar job and continue doing just that. According to Vishnu, the music was composed six years ago. Well worth the wait.

Honeysuckle Weekends – Sarang

The Pune-based duo is made up of producer Vaibhav Kulkarni, and vocalist and composer Apurva Kulkarni. Since their debut in 2020, they have released six tracks that are contemporary takes on Hindustani classical ragas. Both of them seem quite proficient in their respective domains, and show a lot of promise with their consistent and noteworthy releases so far.

The duo describe their latest track ‘Sarang’, based on Raag Brindavani Sarang, as a “sonic metaphor for beginning a new phase of life”. Vaibhav’s tight production, coupled with Apurva’s controlled vocals make this one of their standout tracks.

Dipayon, Harshraj – Xaboti Lou Tumak

This Assamese language track composed and sung by Dipayon, and arranged by Harshraj Pathak will tug at your heartstrings. Dipayon’s beautiful and commanding vocals take centre stage around minimal instrumentation. An effective marketing tool for musicians now, especially for Instagram Reels, the musician has also recently released a slowed and reverbed version of ‘Xaboti Lou Tumak’ for fans of the genre.

Sikandar Kahlon – Rick Ross

More than 12 years into the business and craft of making music, Sikander Kahlon has released his 16th full-length album titled A.R.Y.A (A Ritual You Admire). The album screams consistency and ambition, and succeeds pretty much on all counts. He takes a dig at rappers who are all about their big cars and foul verses in his signature style, and places his bet on patience and perseverance on ‘Rick Ross’.

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