Best New Music: Week 15

This week’s top releases span across various styles and moods. Best new music featuring Madhav Khanna, Lucky Ali, Tsumyoki and Pavan with a V.

Udaan – Madhav Khanna, Sahaj Chawla

This month sees the release of ‘Udaan’, another heart-touching single from Madhav Khanna, featuring multi-instrumentalist and music producer Sahaj Chawla. Atmospheric synths support the intro, giving it a mystical feel, and acoustic guitars carry the song into a cinematic chorus. The song has a soft, motivating essence to it, as it talks about chasing one’s dreams and letting them fly. Doused in bluesy tones, a punchy guitar lick takes over the bridge and leads to the outro, lining the song with a sultry groove. Offering honest lyrics, much like all his previous releases, it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear a song like ‘Udaan’ be cast in an industry feature film.

Intezaar – Lucky Ali (Music by Mikey McCleary)

If there were a lack of wholesome, heart-touching creations, Lucky Ali’s new single (yes, that’s right) would undoubtedly make up for the gap, big or small. ‘Intezaar’ is a gratifying love story of two youngsters backed by Maqsood Mehmood Ali’s distinguished vocal delivery and lustrous instrumentals by New-Zealand bred/Mumbai-based producer Mikey McCleary. As if the track itself wasn’t enough, it is accompanied by a simple yet moving music video that illustrates the blossoming essence of young love; everything considered, this is a release you just can’t miss.

Pink Blue – Tsumyoki x Bharg

Goan rapper and youngest member of the Gully Gang roster, Tsumyoki aka Nathan Mendes released ‘Pink Blue’, his newest single, this week. Featuring producer and singer/songwriter Bharg Kale, the track is a typical dance-y pop score, accompanied by a video that embodies the definition of a good time. It’s been a fairly new journey for Tsumyoki in the pop industry, and with promising releases as thus, one can only expect a lot more to groove to from the rising rap star.

Raat Bhi  – Pavan with a V

This song accurately embodies the phrase short but sweet. In a wholesome two and a half minutes, Pavan describes the nostalgic and reckless idiosyncrasies of young love, and will have you pining for those careless, secretly intoxicated nights with a well-warned-about fling (even if you didn’t have one). The lead guitar surfacing at the bridge sports notes that almost sound a tad bit off-tune, making it sound bittersweet and appropriate considering the theme of the score. An unexpectedly honest and adorable little feat, Pavan with a V’s ‘Raat Bhi’ is a pleasant short listen and exposes a fairly unseen side of his.

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