Best New Music: Week 14

Some disruptive earworms take centre stage this week. Best new music, courtesy Tejas, Kamakshi Khanna, Saachi, Dee MC, MadStarBase, and more.

Tejas – As I’m Getting Older

The brand-new single, ‘As I’m Getting Older’, marks Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Tejas’ first single in 2022. The upbeat pop track combines electronica elements with the artist’s signature guitar work. “Inspired by The Wizard of Oz,” this track speaks of evolution, growth and journeying through life. Tejas’ evocative vocals and the general positivity of the track works in perfect harmony with the sentiment of the song. An emphasis on songwriting makes ‘As I’m Getting Older’ an exciting listen; the refrain goes— “So, I don’t know where I’m supposed to go, but as I’m getting older, feels like I’ve been chosen, to go further and further—”taking listeners on an adventurous and optimistic ride.

Saachi – Stop.

Singer-songwriter, and now, producer, Saachi Rajadhyaksha aka Saachi, rocks the boat with a gritty, alt-pop acoustic track, ‘Stop.’ This one began with a verse and a chorus, coming to fruition in September 2021, finally making its way to release this week. Saachi carefully crafts her sound on this track, taking her signature rhythmic funk and groove a notch higher. Complete with intricate harmonies, disruptive vocals and an irresistible hook, ‘Stop.’ is an undebatable earworm.

Thematically, the track speaks of consent, boundaries and respect, and packs a punch on all fronts.

MadStarBase – Break Out Yuh Back

DJ duo, MadStarBase, comprising Anant Ahuja and Neal Sekhri, herald a vibe change with their track, ‘Break Out Yuh Back’, off their new EP, Half Court Riddims. The ambient elements, house and tropical samples, will have you chilling and stank-facing at the same time. The two-minuter is a groovy exploration of sound that sets the tone flawlessly.

Dee MC, Wild Wild Women, InStine – Doing Okay

Rap collective, Wild Wild Women, rapper Dee MC and producer InStine arrive with a banging, old-school hip-hop track, ‘Doing Okay’, bringing female power to the forefront. The multi-language track marks Dee MC’s first collaboration with the female rap collective. “In the cusp of 2022, blossoms a feminine revolution,” a line at the end of the track, embodies the tone of the track perfectly. Varied with each rapper’s tone shining through, the track is a head-bobber from start to finish, that celebrates the female experience, calls out inequality and encourages the movement in style.

Kamakshi Khanna and Sanjeeta Bhattacharya – Swimming

Delhi-based singer-songwriters Kamakshi Khanna and Sanjeeta Bhattacharya make waves with the brand new single, ‘Swimming’. Their new collaboration is a delicate and dreamy “ode to the friendships where you feel free to feel and flow with your emotions as they are”. Accompanied by an earthy music video, this mellow pop ballad spotlights the artists’ vocal prowess, making sense out of an unlikely combination.

Written and composed by Khanna and Bhattacharya, the intricate arrangement is brought to life with Karun Karunapilly on drums, Adil Kurwa on bass, Apur Isaac on guitars, Ajay Jayanthi on strings, Kamakshi Khanna on the ukulele and keys; finally, mixed by Ashyar Balsara and mastered at The Exchange Mastering Studios.

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