Best New Music: Week 13

This week’s best new releases come from Adarsh Arjun, Junglee, Srijit Bhowmick and Sez on the Beat. Also featuring a banger from Clifr x Tintin’s debut album.

Adarsh Arjun – Torpid

Kerala-based guitarist Adarsh Arjun released his second single of the year titled ‘Torpid’ this week. If you’ve been following the progressive/metal guitarist’s independent journey, you would agree that Adarsh is surely emerging as one of the most versatile talents donning the electric six-string in the country.

‘Torpid’ is starkly different from his previous single, ‘Limerence’, which had a sunshine and sunflowers prog-rock sound going for it. ‘Torpid’ on the other hand begins with a diabolical guitar lick, and a sinister riff looms on top of it. Adarsh also introduces dubstep wobbles as the song progresses, and the guitarist is masterfully supported by Ronny Jacobs on the drums and Anjo Francies on the bass.

Junglee – Khwaishein

In their YouTube biography, Junglee writes, “We like soul, hip-hop, old school rock, indie, the occasional Bollywood cliché and electronic on certain days. You’ll notice.” The trio— comprising childhood friends Ankit (vocals and guitar), Rutajeet Mukherjee (drums) and Rhiju Talukdar (guitar)—is not wrong.

At it’s core, ‘Khwaishein’ is a coming of age song which reminisces about the dreams and aspirations which many have on the cusp of their youth. The composition is bare, the guitars capture the feeling of nostalgia perfectly and the vocals drenched with yearning.

Srijit Bhowmick – Lifafon Mein

Srijit Bhowmick has a voice unlike any other. The Mumbai-based singer-songwriter previously used to release music under the moniker Sri, which he has now ditched. However, the musician hasn’t ditched the sound that makes Srijit, well, Srijit.

Srijit has written, composed and produced the track on his own and is supported by Kristofor Mendonca on the drums and Jeremy Samson on the bass.

Sez on the Beat, Yungsta, DAKAIT, MC Altaf – Loot

New Delhi-based hip-hop music producer Sez on the Beat released his much awaited collab heavy album Chaand Paar on March 24. ‘Loot’ the final song on the eight-track album features verses by rappers Yungsta, DAKAIT and MC Altaf on an old-school informed beat peppered with slick electric guitar licks.

Clifr X Tintin – Move

Bengaluru-based music producer Clifr and rapper Tintin made a splash at the tale end of 2021 with the track ‘Hot Summer’ which was accompanied by a Tarantino-esque music video. Since then, the duo’s debut album was highly anticipated and the nine-track Meet Me Halfway was out this week.

‘MOVE’ is fourth on the album and is a typical mid-album track which sees the duo turn their guns on the doubters and those who chat crap behind their back over slick 808 beats and beefy samples.

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