AHH best new music week 12 2022

Best New Music: Week 12

This week’s best new music comes from Tathaagat Project, Sxnchay, Jadugar Tapes Logarhythm, Komorebi and Parekh & Singh.

Tathaagat Project – Safar

New Delhi-based indie-rock band Tathaagat Project’s ‘Safar’ is a traveller’s lullaby. Drawing inspiration from the glorious mountains, the song carries with it a mystical element. It compares the journey of life to the journey through unknown trails. There is a subtle freshness to the track which is palpable, as it carries its soundscape through a well-structured mix of mellow guitar riffs, crisp drumming, well-defined basslines and saccharine vocals from Tanusri B Sengupta. The song creates an ambiance that takes you to a place far away from the monotony of daily life into a tranquil haven.

Sxnchay x Jadugar Tapes – Buri Nazar

New-Delhi based hip-hop artist Sxnchay’s recent release ‘Buri Nazar’ made in collaboration with electronic artist and producer Jadugar Tapes is a dazed-out trip on a long night. The song is undeniably edgy, featuring repetitive synth lines and bass beats that get boring pretty quickly. Nonetheless, the track is quite sensitive in putting out its message, which calls out the blatant hypocrisy of seemingly “good” people who have been brainwashed into becoming marionettes without moral tact. The song will leave you questioning the superficial sense of righteousness that exists within our culture and ostracizes those who go against it.

Logarhythm – Koi nai

Mainak Ghosh AKA Logarhythm’s latest drop, ‘Koi Nai’ featuring Tha Armani, is successful in bringing out the best of what the artist has to offer. Featuring self-assured fast-paced rap lines, tongue-twister verses, and striking word-plays, the song highlights the predicament of setting out to make it as a successful rapper in the country. The Mumbai-based artist has also craftily inserted his mother tongue into an otherwise Hindi rap song, which is applaudable. On the contrary, the message it is attempting to portray seems a tad bit all over the place.

Komorebi – I’ll Be Your Someone

New Delhi-based electronic-pop artist Komorebi has come out with her latest single ‘I’ll Be Your Someone’. Boasting wistful synth lines which complement the singer’s silky voice, the song is a whirlwind of chaotic emotions. The sense of vacancy is quite acute in the song, as the artist juggles with the theme of unstable relationships that come hand in hand with borderline personality disorder. Although the song could’ve done with more creativity in its soundscape, it quite brilliantly accentuates the disorientation and the lack of a stable sense of self that comes along with the mental illness.

Parekh & Singh – Sleepyhead

Parekh & Singh’s latest single ‘Sleepyhead’ is an ode to all procrastinators. With Nischay Parekh’s laid-back vocals and guitar-playing, and Jivraj Singh’s chill-hop synth lines, the song paints a spacey, opalescent soundscape that is just as languorous as the subject of the track. At the same time, its playful textures collide head-first with its dreamy elements, creating a kaleidoscopic sonic portrait that you just cannot get enough of. ‘Sleepyhead’ celebrates idleness and introversion as a virtue that can give birth to some of the best artistic creations.

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