A Humming Heart is an Indian music publication where we talk about both film and non-film music, with a heavy focus on the independent music industry. We have come a long way, longer than anyone of us had imagined since we sat down in November 2017 to reinvent a dying blog. Over time, we have tried to build a space where all ideas, safe and wacky, can flow freely. 

During the first few years of the existence of AHH – our toddler years – we were still figuring out our vision and our motivation. As we have grown and gained more consciousness and understanding of the world of music we have entered, we have also attained a better idea of where AHH is headed. We are at the next stage now with a reformed and ever-strong passion for writing, different styles of music and learning. 

It is easy to get swayed by the rapid growth we are witnessing in the digital space and ignore the possibility of misconduct in the dash to release the next hot single, catch eyeballs with the latest hot take or set up the hippest music festival. We do not shy away from giving a voice to the issues and discrepancies that get buried under the avalanche of new music coming out every single day. We can see our vision shaping up into reality and our source of motivation comes from our dedicated readers.

We are great admirers of Indian film music and are working towards expanding our coverage of the same. For now, we have a very heavy focus on Indian independent music. The independent music industry at a nascent stage and so is A Humming Heart. We hope to grow alongside it and give our readers a front seat to witness its evolution.

It takes time and effort to pursue independent journalism without any boundaries, without any biases. So far, we have been entirely self-funded – along with relying on the patronage of a few kind donors – as we believe in providing ad-free and unadulterated content. 

With that same ethos, we’re now launching a new subscription-based product through which we will be pushing our best and exclusive recommendations and stories straight to your inbox. To read in-depth features and trend analyses, artist interviews and keep a pulse on the newest sounds in the Indian Independent Scene, subscribe to our new offering simply.ahummingheart.com