A Humming Heart: Issue 03

In Issue 03, we bring you the best releases and songs of 2021. We also look at some of the trends that shaped up the music scene in 2021. Anurag Tagat takes us through the lo-fi remixes that have become big on YouTube. Manojna Yeluri explains what’s going on with music industry and sampling when it comes to folk music. Sukanya Agrawal deciphers the world of Instagram Reels hits and Aakriti Mehrotra looks back at creativity in times of hardships over the years and how the pandemic is no different.

We also have fun crosswords and puzzles to test you on your knowledge of the scene and couple of comic strips which, we hope, would make you chuckle 😀

If you are still discovering the independent music scene, we also have a nice playlist map for you to discover new music on your favourite music app.

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